Traditional cut for proven performance and fit.


Size 4 - Kids 4-6 years (approx)

Size 5 - Kids 7-9 years (approx)

Size 6 - Kids 10-12 years (approx)

Size 7 - Youth 13+/ Small Adult

Size 8 - Regular Adult

Size 5 - Kids 7-9 years (approx)

To select the glove size best for you, measure your hand (if right-handed measure your right, if left-handed measure your left.)

Measure right around your hand, across the palm and over the back of your hand.
Glove sizes are measured in INCHES. So a size 7 is for a 7 Inch hand, NOT 7 years old. A good fit is the one closest to the glove size, if you need some room then pick the next size up

-3mm smooth latex foam provides a dependable grip in all conditions
-Tri-Vario wraparound wristband for a secure fit that is easy to adjust

MFC Nike GK Jnr Match Glove (Black/White) (Kids)

Kids Size

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